State pension age can't keep rising if we're dying earlier

The Government's decision to scrap an early hike to the state pension age looks like good news. Until you learn the reason why.

M25 traffic chaos after multi-vehicle crash emergency and flooding halts Sunday drivers

At this point, it is unclear whether there are any injuries resulting from the incident.

India summons Canada High Commissioner, concerned over Sikh protesters

MUMBAI (Reuters) - India summoned Canada's High Commissioner on Sunday to "convey strong concern" over Sikh protesters in Canada and how they were allowed to breach the security of India's diplomatic mission and consulates. According to Canadian media reports, hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the Indian consulate in Vancouver on Saturday over demands for an independent Sikh state, a

Prince William set to assume new role which will see him travel world

Prince William's trip to Poland last week to thank British troops on the border of Ukraine was a key staging post as he embraces his new position on the world stage, sources say.

Russian oligarch's £38m superyacht rocks up in Canary Wharf again a year after it was seized

The impressive boat is marred in controversy

DAN HODGES: It doesn't matter if Harman dons her executioner's cap - it's over for Boris

DAN HODGES: The Parliamentary Conservative Party has had enough of Boris. They're tired of his self-serving dissembling. He should just go.

When does government energy rebate stop? Last £67 payment revealed

Find out if the scheme will be replaced by anything, as it comes to an end.

Birthright Israel's contract hasn't been extended by Israeli gov't

The Diaspora Affairs minister is typically in charge of Birthright on behalf of the government, but the current Minister, Amichai Chikli, hasn't received this mandate yet.

How Poland uncovered a Russian spy ring planning sabotage

Boris Johnson allies fear they would lack votes to stop his suspension from Parliament

Allies of Boris Johnson fear they would lack the Commons votes to save him from being suspended from Parliament by the privileges committee. Last week, the former prime minister endured a bruising appearance in front of the committee, which will now rule on whether he “knowingly or recklessly” misled MPs over what he knew about Downing Street parti...

Woman who left her AirPods on a flight tracked them down to an airport worker's HOME

A woman who left her AirPods on a flight and was told she couldn't retrieve them has revealed she tracked them down to an air steward's home.

Voices: I have tabled an amendment to the Illegal Migration Bill – and it could change everything

I have tabled an amendment to the Illegal Migration Bill – and it could change everything - We can do as this bill offers in its current form and choose to raise our guard as we make a fortress of our home – or we can choose something different

Russia’s mistakes in Ukraine have destroyed its military forces

North Koreans volunteer in droves to fight "evil U.S. imperialists"

Study reveals which booster offers 'better protection' against Covid infection and death

As of September 2022, 40.3 million people in the UK had received a booster or third dose of the Covid vaccine - roughly 59 percent of the population.

Boasting Taliban share images of repaired military vehicles left by the West

EXCLUSIVE: Photographs shared by the official Ministry of National Defence, Afghanistan, showed line upon line of military vehicles the regime said were now ready for use.

Firefighters rescue a dog at 2,400 meters altitude on the Gran Sasso mountain

Italian firefighters rescued a dog, which had slipped into a gully at an altitude of 2,400 metres, with the help of helicopter rescue workers from the Pescara flight department on the Gran Sasso, near the Duca d'Aosta refuge.In the pictures, made available by the Italian fire brigade itself, the stages of the dog's recovery can be seen. Two rescuers descended onto the snowy mantle and proceeded to recover the animal, bringing it to safety on the helicopter.The dog seems to be in good condition and will no doubt be happy to have been rescued.

Blind elderly man regains sight: world's first autotransplantation is revolutionary

An exceptional surgery performed at the Molinette hospital in Turin, Italy, has partially restored sight to an 83-year-old patient who was suffering from total blindness due to two different diseases. This world's first surgery of its kind allowed one sighted eye to be reconstructed from two blind eyes. The doctors performed a corneal autotransplant, enlarged to include the sclera and conjunctiva. This innovative technique allowed the patient to partially recover his sight, using tissue from the other blind eye. The surgery was performed by Professor Michele Reibaldi, director of the University Eye Clinic Molinette, and Professor Vincenzo Sarnicola, among the world's leading experts in corneal surgery.

Liverpool shooting: Police lock down residential road after man gunned down in house

Residents have reported a heavy police presence at the scene of the shooting as forensic teams are called in to investigate.

Iran issues warning after US strikes on Syria left 19 dead

Strikes on Iranian-linked bases will be met with an "immediate counter-response" after the reported deaths of 19 people in US attacks on Syria, an Iranian security spokesperson has warned.

Ukraine LIVE: Putin risks catastrophe with plot to 'intimidate NATO' in new nuclear threat

Russia's bid to station nuclear weapons in Belarus will be the first time the Kremlin has deployed nukes outside the country since the mid-1990s.

Suella Braverman could ban European court from grounding Rwanda deportations

Conservative rebels are attempting to toughen up new legislation to curb Channel crossings.

Sadiq Khan's cycling tsar is punched in the face by cyclist

Sadiq Khan's cycling tsar Seb Dance was punched in the face by a cyclist after he confronted them for for pedalling through an Amsterdam-style 'floating bus stop' without stopping at a zebra crossing.

'Nazi scum off our streets!' Rival protests face off outside migrant hotel in angry scenes

Asylum seeker supporters included black-clad masked members of Antifa, chanting: "Nazi scum off our streets!"

Labour ‘overconfident’ on election win as middle-class voters coming back to Tories, says poll guru

Labour ‘overconfident’ on election win as middle-class voters coming back to Tories, says poll guru - Signs of Rishi Sunak-inspired revival in Tory fortunes in affluent ‘blue wall’ territory, says Lord Hayward

When is the Boat Race? Start time, TV channel and how to watch Cambridge vs Oxford

When is the Boat Race? Start time, TV channel and how to watch Cambridge vs Oxford - Cambridge and Oxford go head to head in the men’s and women’s races

Putin says he will move nuclear weapons into Belarus - and blames the UK

Putin says he will move nuclear weapons into Belarus - and blames the UK - Vladimir Putin has announced plans to station tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring ally Belarus

"You can put us in jail!" Russians soldiers fed up with war filmed threatening rebellion

Russian ‘storm' troops say ‘blocking units' stopped them retreating from being slaughtered

In a video posted online by a group of Russian soldiers they call their orders ‘criminal' and complain of suffering ‘very, very substantial losses' on the frontline.

Man sentenced to death in Pakistan over ‘blasphemous’ WhatsApp post

Man sentenced to death in Pakistan over ‘blasphemous’ WhatsApp post - Earlier this year, Pakistan tightened its strict blasphemy laws

Prince Harry must 'waive' drug use on US visa to avoid deportation, lawyers claims

The Duke of Sussex has faced criticism in recent weeks after detailing his repeated drug use in his controversial memoir, Spare.

Michael Gove backtracks on Boris Johnson criticism insisting he’s ‘man of integrity’

Michael Gove backtracks on Boris Johnson criticism insisting he’s ‘man of integrity’ -

Protests erupt in NYC — not for Trump but for 'The Joker'

NEW YORK (AP) — Throngs of protesters gathered at the courthouse steps, chanting for freedom for their embattled hero. Police kept watch as passions flared and voices roared. Squad cars and television trucks encircled the commotion. It’s a scene New York City authorities have been bracing for as prosecutors consider an indictment against former President Donald Trump, who has invited followers to rally on his behalf. But on Saturday, it was just...

China has been caught sending weapons and armor to Russia

Dog gridlocks major road after running between traffic

National Highways are currently trying to track down the pet on the carriageway.

PR guru hired as Princess of Wales's new private secretary rejects job

Alison Corfield, 51, was offered the job with Princess Kate after impressing while working for the Jamie Oliver's campaigns for free school meals and a sugar tax but turned it down.

Thousands of dead fish in Australia, the sad phenomenon is also linked to climate change

A sad phenomenon has struck the Australian outback. Thousands of dead fish washed up on the shores of the lake in the town of Menindee.The phenomenon was caused by flooding in the area, but also by a heat wave. The death of the fish seems to be mainly related to low oxygen levels in the water as the floods receded.In addition, the water retains less oxygen because it is warmer, thus not allowing the fish - especially cod and perch - to breathe.

Woman, 22, who failed driving test passes after travelling to town with the UK's highest pass rate

Emma Cannon, 22, of Chippenham, Wiltshire, said she thought she would 'never pass' her test after going over the speed limit and breaking down in tears during her first attempt.

29 of the worst things the Tories have done this year (so far)

2023 is still in its first quarter but the Tory government is already doing the most to mess it up. While their intentions are doubtless good, over the last few weeks we've seen silly policy suggestions, strikes, no sign of the cost of living crisis abating and behaviour from MPs that is enough to make you gasp. It's not ideal, to put it mildly, bu...

'Shocked' father demands answers after his wheelchair user son 'was turned away from restaurant'

Brian Kelly, 61, claims The Bombay Cottage in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, refused to seat the family because they had not informed them that his son, Declan, 30, is a wheelchair user.

Woman accused of ‘making a scene’ at sister’s wedding over bride's ‘humiliating’ speech

A woman has shared how her sister who got married "humiliated" her when it was time for the bride to give a speech at the wedding reception. In a post to Reddit's "Am I the A**hole?" forum, the woman gave a backstory as to what led to the fall out with her sibling. She explained how her 24-year-old sister got married in a "very well planned out" we...

Hundreds of protesters turned up to oppose the far-right in a small Welsh town

‘Llantwit Major: Refugees welcome, fascists not!’

Woman passenger asks train station staff to check on 'unwell man' - only to be told it was a statue

Emma Obank (pictured) was on a train passing through Woking, Surrey, when she saw the 'man'. She contacted South Western Railway and they told her it was a statue.

Russia tipped to use UN security council presidency to 'paralyse' Ukraine war opposition

EXCLUSIVE: Russia has used its veto almost twice as many times as any other nation since it joined the council after the break-up of the USSR, a Ukrainian diplomat said.

Xi Jinping 'sends cold chill down Putin's spine', experts claim

Russia's poor performance on the battlefield has led to new opportunities for a 'particularly assertive' China, which already enjoys substantial economic ties with the republics through its Belt and Road Initiative.

Painful ten-second pause when Kuenssberg asks Gove for Sturgeon's 'greatest achievement'

The Cabinet minister appeared to struggle to answer the question on the SNP leader's biggest achievement.

Capybara caught getting a new hair-do from his magpie friend at the zoo

A capybara has been caught on camera getting a new hair-do - from a magpie at a zoo. The eager bird was spotted by staff giving his furry friend a makeover at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm in Bristol on Saturday (March 18). The footage captured shows the magpie collecting some much-needed capybara fur as nest material, whilst the capybara enjoyed a good pampering and itching those hard-to-reach places. The farm posted the adorable video in a tweet that read: "Apparently, getting pampered by a magpie is our capybara's favourite Saturday activity. We've never seen such a happy Capy!" Rory Mizen, a spokesperson for Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, said: "Keepers at Noah’s Ark Zoo farm noticed an unlikely friendship form between a local Magpie and the zoo’s resident capybaras. "This footage captured shows the magpie collecting some much-needed capybara fur as nest material, whilst the capybara enjoyed a good pampering and itching those hard-to-reach places. "This video posted on the morning of Saturday 18th March 2023 has now gathered nearly 8 million views between the zoos social media channels. This has been the zoo’s biggest hit ever with people from all around the world commenting in multiple languages."

How significant are Russian nukes in Belarus?

Retired Air Vice-Marshal Sean Bell explains the significance of Russia's decision to station nuclear weapons in Belarus.

New Russian campaign tries to entice men to fight in Ukraine

TALLINN, Estonia (AP) — Advertisements promise cash bonuses and enticing benefits. Recruiters are making cold calls to eligible men. Enlistment offices are working with universities and social service agencies to lure students and the unemployed. A new campaign is underway this spring across Russia, seeking recruits to replenish its troops for the war in Ukraine. As fighting grinds on in Ukrainian battlegrounds like Bakhmut and both sides...

ULEZ cameras are covered over with bags in guerilla war

EXCLUSIVE: Opponents of London's ULEZ scheme are using shopping bags to cover the cameras that photograph cars - to save drivers from the controversial daily charge.