‘Invasive’ Asian hornets spotted in the UK for the first time in five months

‘Invasive’ Asian hornets spotted in the UK for the first time in five months - Asian hornets, which have a mostly black abdomen and characteristic yellow legs, were first spotted in the UK in September 2016

'His worst fears are coming true': Putin on brink as untrained conscript won't save him

Vladimir Putin's desperate bid to replenish his forces with untrained conscripts will fail to turn the tide against Ukraine, a general warned.

Suella Braverman and France speaking the same language on Channel migrant crisis

Suella Braverman has used her fluent French in opening talks with France on Channel migrants to develop an “entente cordiale” after it blocked proposals for joint patrols on the northern French beaches. The Home Secretary had her first call with Gerald Darmanin, her opposite number, earlier this month. It came just days after taking up her post, wh...

Lesbian polar bears fine by me, says partner of Italy's new hardline leader

Giorgia Meloni’s long-time partner has said he has no problem with children being raised by two mothers, in contrast to hardliners in her party who were incensed over a Peppa Pig episode that featured lesbian polar bears. Federico Mollicone, a senior member of the hard-Right Brothers of Italy, called for the programme not to be shown by the state b...

NHS mental health hospital staff filmed ‘mocking and slapping’ patients

Police are investigating allegations that vulnerable patients were bullied, humiliated and verbally abused by staff at one of the UK’s biggest NHS mental health hospitals. Staff were apparently filmed mocking, slapping and pinching patients at the Edenfield centre near Manchester during an undercover investigation by BBC Panorama. The programme Undercover Hospital: Patients at Risk, due to air on Wednesday night, reported that vulnerable adults...

EDF considers extending life of two UK nuclear plants due to energy crisis

France’s EDF is considering extending the life of two British nuclear power plants due to the severity of the energy crisis. EDF said on Wednesday that it would review whether there was a case to keep open the Hartlepool nuclear power plant in County Durham and Heysham 1 on the north-west coast of England near Lancaster. Both plants had been scheduled to close in March 2024. EDF operates all of Britain’s eight nuclear power plants, five of which...

Teenager appears in court accused of killing ‘respected’ golfer in town centre

Teenager appears in court accused of killing ‘respected’ golfer in town centre - Morgan Wainewright has been charged with manslaughter

Truss is a 'danger' to the economy and has 'lost control', says Starmer

Liz Truss is a "danger" to the economy and has "lost control" after the fallout from the government's mini-budget, Sir Keir Starmer has told Sky News.

Nord Stream pipeline leaks ‘an environmental crime’

Emissions from the damaged Nord Stream gas pipelines are equivalent to a tenth of the UK’s annual carbon dioxide output, amounting to an “environmental crime”, experts said on Wednesday. The natural gas pipelines, running through the Baltic Sea, began leaking after unexplained ruptures on Monday, which several countries have suggested could be the ...

Starmer's hope has turned into belief he will be next PM | Beth Rigby

Boris Johnson deposed, turmoil in the markets triggered by Trussonomics, Sir Keir Starmer finds himself catapulted from the Labour leader who didn't have a chance to one who could win the next general election.

Lottery draw produces £5m jackpot winner

Lottery draw produces £5m jackpot winner - The jackpot for Saturday’s National Lottery is a guaranteed £20 million.

Holly and Phil's 'queue jumping' row receives hardly any Ofcom complaints despite backlash

This Morning actually received very few complaints.

Gas prices rise in Europe as fears grow Russia may halt supplies via Ukraine

Gas prices have risen on fears that Russia could halt supplies to Europe through Ukraine, adding to turmoil caused by damage to the Nord Stream pipelines under the Baltic Sea. The Kremlin-controlled gas company Gazprom said it could impose sanctions on Ukraine’s Naftogaz due to ongoing arbitration. The statement came after the discovery of leaks on the two Nord Stream gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea near the Danish island of Bornholm in a...

Spacecraft orbiting Jupiter uncovers 'frosted cupcake' clouds

Spacecraft orbiting Jupiter uncovers 'frosted cupcake' clouds -

Guilty plea in hit-run death of Gone Girl actor Lisa Banes

Brian Boyd, who fled after crashing into Banes, was arrested weeks later.

Government defends using public funds for Boris Johnson Partygate legal advice

The government has defended using taxpayers’ money to foot the bill for legal advice concerning the investigation into Boris Johnson’s Partygate denials, with fresh questions raised about why officials signed off on the nearly £130,000 costs. Edward Argar, a Cabinet Office minister, offered the first public explanation for why public funds had been used to commission a report by the lawyer Lord Pannick that criticised an inquiry by the...

Volodymyr Zelensky rules out talks with Russia if land is annexed

Volodymyr Zelensky rules out talks with Russia if land is annexed -

Emmerdale returns for Aaron and Tracy in 35 new spoiler pictures

Familiar faces are back.

New picture could solve 45-year-old mystery of woman found in River Thames

The unidentified woman's body was found from the river in 1977

Safe sex texts do not stop young people getting STIs, study finds

Safe sex texts do not stop young people getting STIs, study finds - Researchers examined whether sending the information over text would help reduce the risk of chlamydia or gonorrhoea.

Labour MP Apsana Begum alleges ‘harassment’ from party

The Labour MP Apsana Begum has accused the party of targeting her as a “socialist, Muslim, working-class woman”, saying she received no support from the party when subject to a vote on her deselection while signed off sick from work. Begum has blamed a campaign of targeted harassment locally for the vote to start a full re-selection process in her seat, which she has linked to domestic abuse she alleged against her former husband. Speaking at...

Chess world rocked as player openly accused of cheating

Chess world rocked as player openly accused of cheating -

Harry and Meghan 'may be worried they are being eased out of the Royal Family' after website change

Harry and Meghan may be worried that they are being edged out of the Royal Family after they were moved to the bottom of the Palace website alongside the disgraced Prince Andrew, expert warned.

What leaks, hurricanes and fires mean for Nasa’s Artemis I moon mission launch date

What leaks, hurricanes and fires mean for Nasa’s Artemis I moon mission launch date - Facing natural disasters and engineering hurdles, Nasa hopes to catch a break and launch its new Moon mission sometime in October

Ukraine now on verge of breaking through another region after Russia vote backfires

Russian-installed officials in four occupied regions of Ukraine reported huge majorities of votes in favour of joining Russia as the United States planned a UN resolution condemning the referendums as shams and Russia remained defiant.

NHS carers locked autistic woman in tiny room for nearly a month

NHS carers locked an autistic woman in a tiny room for nearly a month, a BBC Panorama investigation has found. Undercover filming also showed mental health workers slapped, pinched and swore at patients at one of the UK's largest treatment facilities. One patient, who reportedly attacked staff at the Edenfield Centre in Prestwich, Greater Mancheste...

Queen approved plane to transport coffin with stirring words, says Mike Tindall

Queen approved plane to transport coffin with stirring words, says Mike Tindall - The husband of Queen’s granddaughter Zara Tindall told the story on his podcast The Good, The Bad & The Rugby

Biden takes aim at food insecurity with first hunger conference in 50 years – live

Biden releases national hunger and nutrition strategy, which includes a slate of goals to help end food insecurity

Russia-Ukraine war live: Kremlin-backed officials ask Putin to annex regions; EU announces new sanctions on Russia

Russian-installed leaders of Luhansk and Kherson ask for territories to be annexed; new EU sanctions designed to ‘make Kremlin pay’

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe cuts her hair in protest over death of Mahsa Amini

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has filmed herself cutting her hair in solidarity with protesters in Iran after the death of Mahsa Amini. The past 11 days have seen significant unrest in the Middle Eastern country after the death in custody of Amini, who had been arrested on 13 September for refusing to wear a hijab. In line with protesters in Iran, Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a British-Iranian national who spent six years in jail in Iran, is seen cutting her...

Music producer stabbed to death in front of horrified parents on school run

‘This attack, you may think, was as outrageous as it was brazen.’

Gateshead murderer Lee Nevins on the run again after absconding from prison

Nevins was jailed for life for killing disabled Lee Jobling at his home on Leam Lane in 2006

Judges were wrong to release criminals because of barristers' strike, High Court rules

Judges were wrong to release suspected criminals from jail because of the barristers’ strike, the High Court has ruled, but has set the Government a two-month deadline to resolve the pay dispute. The High Court found the judges “made errors of law” when they refused to extend the custody time limits to keep the defendants in jail after their barris...

‘More tunnels’ out of Northern Ireland Protocol deadlock after upbeat talks

Northern Ireland Protocol talks are heading for “more tunnels” after positive discussions over the post-Brexit trading arrangements, Ireland’s foreign minister said. Simon Coveney predicted there would be intense UK-EU negotiations under media blackout – nicknamed “the tunnel” in earlier Brexit talks – after meeting with Chris Heaton-Harris, the No...

Judd Trump issues terse response to Ronnie O'Sullivan's women's prize money plea

Ronnie O'Sullivan had suggested a percentage of prize money from the main tour should be handed over to boost the power of the women's game

Hoofed animals with high sex drives are more stressed in captivity, study claims

"Promiscuous" animals such as buffalos and pigs are more likely to become stressed in zoos, a study has found. Five billion large hoofed animals, known as "ungulates", are kept on farms, and in zoos and safari parks, making them among the world's most commonly kept animals. But the study suggests that their captivity causes more stress if they can'...

Ruff day? Dogs can detect if people are stressed, research finds

Whether it’s a tricky maths problem or an unexpected bill, daily life is full of stressful experiences. Now researchers have found that humans produce a different odour when under pressure – and dogs can sniff it out. While previous studies have suggested canines might pick up on human emotions, possibly through smell, questions remained over whether they could detect stress and if this could be done through scent. “This study has definitively...

Two planes collide on airfield at Heathrow Airport

It is understood the Icelandair and Korean Air aircraft were involved in a ‘minor collision’ on Wednesday evening.

Police search for British professor missing in the Chilean desert

Chilean police are investigating the disappearance of a prominent British astrophysicist who went missing from the facilities of one of the world’s most powerful telescopes, allegedly after falling out with a PhD student. Thomas Marsh, 61, a professor at the University of Warwick, was last seen on September 15 at the remote La Silla Observatory, hi...

Florida official appointed by DeSantis resigns after KKK costume photo emerges

Florida official appointed by DeSantis resigns after KKK costume photo emerges - Local faith leaders demand now-former county commissioner come forward to address allegations

Ukraine-Russia war latest: No peace talks while Putin is Russian leader, says Zelensky

Putin accused of Nord Stream sabotage Analysis: What Putin would gain from blowing up pipelines Nord Stream attack may have been set up months ago Richard Kemp: Russian military might yet finish Putin off Listen to the latest episode of our daily Ukraine podcast Volodymyr Zelensky warned on Tuesday night that Ukraine would never hold peace talks ...

The brutal ways Jesus' disciples died

We all know that Jesus Christ was crucified, but what happened to his disciples? Most of them traveled long distances to spread the gospel and died doing it—some of them in quite gruesome ways. Most of Jesus' disciples became saints in some Christian churches. They were canonized after dying as martyrs. But how did they pass away? Click through this gallery and learn more about the brutal ways Jesus' disciples died.

Most wanted! Notorious outlaws of the Old West

The American Frontier of the second half of the 19th century and the early 20th century is a period sometimes referred to as the Old West. An era often characterized by violence as much as for romance and folklore, it’s also known as the Wild West for the numerous outlaws that took to the saddle to raid banks, rob trains, and hold up stagecoaches. Some of these gunfighters achieved an iconic, almost legendary status. Nearly all, however, were ruthless and brutal and truly deserved their reputations as dangerous gunfighters. Click through the rogue’s gallery of bandits, villains, fugitives, gunslingers, and desperados, and draw on some of the most wanted outlaws in the Wild West.

Ted Cruz gets booed by Texas audience for saying schools need armed cops

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said more armed police officers in schools would help combat school shootings at an event in Texas - and people booed him. On Saturday (24 September), Cruz spoke about guns and other contentious topics at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, where he faced an audience that wasn't afraid to argue back. The Texas lawmaker arg...

Russia forced to use its own accident-prone jet technology as sanctions hit airlines

Russia is attempting to revive its accident-prone Cold War-era aviation industry after being pummelled by Western sanctions. State engineer Rostec said it would make 1,000 airliners by 2030 in an effort to end Russia’s reliance on Boeing and Airbus planes. Western sanctions means parts from these companies can no longer be supplied to Russia after ...

Woman forced to travel 40 miles to give birth as three hospitals run out of midwives

A woman was forced to travel 40 miles to give birth after three NHS hospitals ran out of midwives. Barbara Job, 25, had to make an hour-long journey from Peterborough to Leicester on Sunday while in labour. She was told that there was not enough staff to safely deliver her baby at Peterborough City Hospital, Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Huntingdon an...

After two days missing, mountaineer Hilaree Nelson is found dead

Grand Designs builders resort to kicking roof into place in desperate bid to make it fit

Spoiler alert: It doesn't work.

How Truss and Kwarteng were warned of danger before the pound nosedived

The message from Kwasi Kwarteng was one of reassurance. Speaking to around 90 Tory MPs in a conference call on Tuesday night, the Chancellor attempted to calm his colleagues. Yes, there had been “volatility” on the markets – a mild phrase for the pound crashing to an all-time low against the dollar in the wake of his tax-shredding mini-Budget on Fr...

UK Government willing to have ‘serious dialogue’ over NI Protocol – Coveney

UK Government willing to have ‘serious dialogue’ over NI Protocol – Coveney - The Irish Foreign Minister met with the new Northern Ireland Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris in Co Down.