A ‘jealous’ boyfriend has been found guilty of murdering a mum-of-two and dumping her body by a nearby wheelie bin after she returned from a night out.

Charlie Booth, 27, killed his partner of 11 years Lauren Howe, 26, who was left with 42 external injuries following his brutal assault.

He was sentenced to life behind bars – with a minimum term of 15-and-a-half years – by Judge Andrew Stubbs KC today.

Leeds Crown Court heard how Booth had chillingly told a friend he had a ‘devil and angel on his shoulder’ just hours before the murder on July 24 last year.

And prosecutors said he had tortured Lauren, hitting her ‘harder than he had ever hit her before,’ until she eventually passed away.

Booth previously admitted to killing the mum but said he had punched her in the stomach ‘without thinking’ after she returned from a party at around 8..30am.

However, a jury heard how she was left with a 10cm long and 5cm deep laceration to her liver that resulted in catastrophic bleeding – and had almost split the vital organ.

Speaking after the guilty verdict yesterday (Tuesday), Judge Andrew Stubbs KC told Booth: ‘Your sentence will be one of life imprisonment.’

The court heard how Lauren and Booth had been in a relationship for around 11 years, meeting when they were 14 or 15, and having their first child at that age.

But untrue rumours had also been circulating about her having a relationship with “another man” – Oliver Kenny – in the week leading up to her death.

Booth had taken crack cocaine with a friend, Jason Bass, just hours before the killing, where he told him he had a ‘devil and angel on his shoulder’.

Lauren went to her sister’s home, Leigha Howe, at about 10.15 pm on July 23 on her own, near the flat she shared with Booth in Baildon, Bradford, West Yorks.

But she had barely arrived when Booth called her sister and there was a ‘huge amount of contact’ between them, the court heard.

Booth had told her, ‘I’m coming up to your f**king house’, and then Ms Howe’s sister eventually hung up, before there was an angry exchange of text messages.

Lauren, her sister and their brother moved on to a house party at their cousin’s, where she was ‘happy’ and ‘smiling’ before leaving just after 6.30 am.

Her cousin said she could stay but Lauren decided to walk home to the flat they shared in Tennis Way, Baildon, ‘perhaps fearing she’d pushed her luck with this man’.

Ms Howe got back at around 8.30 am and the court heard Lauren was met by Booth, who was in a ‘jealous rage and had been for hours’.

Prosecutors claim Booth then tortured her in their flat, where they had lived for around four years, and hit her ‘harder than he had ever hit her before’.

Ms Howe had 42 external injuries, including bruises, grazes and lacerations, which were picked up in the post-mortem.

Some of these were deemed to likely be from medical intervention – CPR and injecting adrenaline.

But others, such as those on the backs of Lauren’s hands, could have been defensive injuries, as Booth rained down blows.

Those who tried to desperately save Lauren outside the flats where Booth had brought her body said she looked ‘blue’, ‘grey’ and ‘lifeless’.

The court heard it was the sort of injury expected after a car crash or a fall from height.

Booth, who had admitted manslaughter, told the court: ‘I punched her in the stomach without thinking.’

He added: ‘I would never want Lauren to come across such a catastrophic injury and to lose her life.’

He will be sentenced at Leeds Crown Court tomorrow (Thurs).

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